Monday, July 15, 2013


Forget Monday.  I'm so over Mondays.

Let's just do Saturday again.

Since I don't think my boss (or your boss) will go for that, though, let's just pretend.

By looking at some really cute dresses by Kate Spade Saturday:

Love this one for a picnic or day-date.

Love this one (probably sans belt) with some cute nude wedges for a summer wedding.

At around $150 each these aren't exactly cheap, but they're more budget-friendly than the "real" Kate Spade brand and you could probably expect the same quality construction.  Plus, the classic design would be great for years to come.

Am I throwing down my hard-earned money for these?


But I wish I could.

Just like I wish today were Saturday.

P.S. If you think Kate Spade pays me to put these images here, you're very wrong.  This little blog is (how shall I put it?)... still awaiting its big break ;)

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