Friday, July 12, 2013


Today is my half-birthday.

Kind of a big deal.  Even more so than usual (yes, I always take note of my half-birthday and, no, I don't actually celebrate or expect presents).

As of today I'm closer to 30 than 25.

As of this moment I regret typing that.


Anyway, in the spirit of my Food & Fitness Fridays and being self-absorbed, ridiculous, and celebratory, here's one of my favorite healthy and easy dessert recipes.  Top it with a candle for that special half-birthday girl/boy.

Great for one, great for a crowd... and it goes like this:

Paleo Apple Pie Compote

1 medium apple (your favorite variety)
dash (or two) of cinnamon
grass-fed butter (1 tbsp, if that)
coconut milk (full fat from a can, refrigerated)
teeny splash o' vanilla extract
optional: nuts or seeds (I have tried pecans, walnuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds and they were all a great addition)

1. place butter in a saute pan over medium heat
2. chop apple into bite-sized pieces as pan warms up
3. toss apple into pan, dash some cinnamon over it, and stir intermittently (not constantly)
4. after a couple minutes, drizzle a very scant amount of vanilla and optional sprinkle nuts/seeds in
5. once the apple begins to soften (and your kitchen smells heavenly), serve in a bowl
6. top with some of the (separated, top layer) coconut cream
7. ENJOY!!

note: If you have a major sweet tooth and can't bear to eat something without added sugar, I'd recommend a very conservative drizzle of pure maple syrup (either in the pan while it cooks or as a final garnish for serving).

also note: This could easily go in the oven, too: 375* in individual ramekins or a baking dish.  Make sure you melt the butter first to coat the apples (& toss with other ingredients) before going in the (greased) dish.  Take it out when the compote has slightly softened and looks golden & bubbly.

I would share a picture but A) it isn't very photogenic and B) I eat it too quickly every time I make it.

Let me know if you try it.  You could also use pears or peaches or nectarines... whatever strikes your fancy.

This is a fantastic, sweet way to top off a meal without sacrificing your health.

Have a great weekend!!

**UPDATE: I made this Sunday evening with a plum (no cinnamon, just a dash of vanilla) and it was SO good.  I threw in some sunflower and chia seeds for serving and my-oh-my was it tasty.

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