Friday, May 3, 2013


My oh my it's May...  (and the first time I started this post it was October)

Spring is in full swing and temperatures hit the 90's this week!!

My very sweet, enthusiastic intern/roommate went home for the summer and my apartment is ALL MINE for the next month.

And between weddings, showers, bachelorette parties, college reunions, and (let's be honest) spring fashion... my bank account officially hates me right now.

So I'm going to (regret saying this, but) partake in something I saw on another blog (Modern Eve).

Monthly "what I bought" reports.

Keeps me honest.  Because addicts have to admit they have a problem.

And I love me some shopping.

So far?

I bought an iced coffee this morning at Starbucks.

And a tank of gas.

OKAY FINE AND I ALSO BOUGHT A SAUSAGE & EGG SANDWICH, but I gave the english muffin to my boyfriend a coworker.

Just kidding.

I mean I did, but I'm not going to bombard you with that much crazy detail.

Home stuffs, clothing stuffs, jewelry stuffs, maybe makeup stuffs.

That's what I'll be reporting.

Unless I go crazy (uncrazy?) and change my mind.

What do you do to keep yourself financially accountable?  Do you budget?  Save your pennies?  Stuff cash under your mattress?  I'd love to hear, because I need all the budgeting help I can get!!

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