Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This is your life.

Maybe you don't need a reminder.

Some days I don't.

Some days I do.

This is it.  Right now.

I am passing moments typing these words, hoping they'll be read by my friends, let alone any strangers... hoping they'll resonate with anyone.

They're resonating with me right now, and that's probably definitely enough.

This past weekend my boyfriend and I spent some quality time in a tiny coastal town in Mendocino County.  We were at a quaint, perfect bed and breakfast (North Coast Country Inn) and had time.

We had time to wander, to talk, to laugh, to sleep, to be in love, and to hope.

We laughed (though it is more sad than funny) about the ridiculousness that is the rat race we are convinced to buy into by those making a huge profit off our toils.  We dreamed about a life in which Friday can be the worst day of the week because you just can't bear to take a break from your job (your passion).

Where the Sunday blues don't exist.  Where $70k, $80k, $150k per year doesn't mean anything because it doesn't really need to..

There is a story about a fisherman.  The fisherman went to sea, caught as many fish as he needed to feed his family for 2 weeks (a month, whatever) and then came home and spent time with his family... for another 2 weeks until he needed to go out and catch more fish.

An American businessman met said fisherman and offered his sage, corporate advice.

If the fisherman would only expand his enterprise and mass distribute the fish he could eventually become an international mogul, retire "early", and relax for the rest of his life... and spending time with his family.

I am only 27.  I am still part of the rat race and I definitely don't have all of the answers.

But I am going after a life more like the fisherman and less like the businessman.

I'll see you there :)

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