Monday, March 18, 2013


It's Monday again.  Funny how that happens on a weekly basis.

I must confess, I fall victim to the Sunday blues all the time.  That sinking feeling.  That impending doom that is Monday morning.  The start of another week.  Didn't I just finish a week?  Do I really have to start another one?  Can I possibly trudge through it all again?

The quote above pretty well summarizes how I manage to persevere.

I've mentioned before that I'm less than thrilled with my current job situation, and that I'm in the planning stages of some major changes.  I truly do believe that I have a purpose that is personal to me.  It isn't my sister's, my best friend's, or my neighbor's purpose.  It's mine.

I have a unique set of talents, skills, and experience that allow me to contribute exactly what I contribute to the world around me.

You do, too.

So, yes, it's Monday.  But you were made to do something.  And you will do it.

So keep going, okay?

The world needs you to.

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