Friday, March 15, 2013


Okay, this week was a doozy.

And, to be perfectly honest, I was this close to writing a bitter version of TLT (oh my gosh I just created an acronym.  I must be cool) of all the stupid small things that pissed me off this week.

But that really isn't the point, now, is it?

It's the opposite of the point.

So, without further ado, here are the few bright spots in a dark, moody, stressful, frustrating week:

- Pi Day.  Heck yes that picture is of me.  Heck yes I have a tattoo of pi behind my ear.  If I weren't eating like a cave lady right now (more on that another day), I would have made a pie.

- Hard cider.  Getting gluten free people drunk since... I don't know when.

- Getting RSVP's for my best friend's bridal shower.  I love weddings.  Good thing, since people love having me in their bridal party ;)

- Food bloggers.  Inspiring me with recipe ideas on a daily basis.  Paleo petite vanilla bean scones?  Why thank you, Slim Palate.

- Gorgeous weather.  73 degrees when I was driving home from work on Wednesday.

- The Biggest Loser.  Honestly, if happy tears were worth money... I could retire.

Hope your week was better than mine.


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