Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Nothing like a weekend recap on a Tuesday to make you feel stranded in an ocean of never-ending weekday workdays.

Anyway, I had a(nother) fantastic weekend.  I promised myself that March would be full of "me" weekends, because April is full of "everyone else" weekends (in a good, fun way).

Friday night my boyfriend and I had a delicious dinner at my friends' house.  I got to finally congratulate them in person on their (no longer) recent engagement.  Can't wait to celebrate with them on their big day in August!!

I also learned that I have a serious fear of birds going on.  They have chickens and I had a cow (couldn't resist a terrible farm animal pun, sorry).  But seriously... chickens in a coop are cute... chickens flapping wings around being offered to you to hold are terrifying unpredictable wild animals.

Saturday I finally started the project that I mentioned way back here.  This color is just so great:

Benjamin Moore - peony

I'm going to slap on a couple more coats of paint this afternoon (lunch break projects are stressful the best) and hopefully order some new hardware.  Finished photos in the next week or two for sure.

Then I went on a romantical date hike with a new friend.  We grabbed a couple snacks at Whole Foods and headed out to Tilden Park in Berkeley.  We made it to Inspiration Point just in time to enjoy the sunset.

Sunday I sang at church, took a killer class at the exercise studio, and went to my boyfriend's brother's wedding.  Love me some weddings.  The bride was glowing, the weather was perfect, and neither the groom nor his brother could hold back their tears.  So, so, so sweet.  And then it was lights out by 8:30.

How was your weekend?  Has it already faded into the past?

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