Tuesday, March 5, 2013


On Friday I told you I was going to have a "me" weekend... and I told you I'd check back in to let you know how I did.

That's what this is.

- exercise
- Trader Joe's
- Tiki Bar

- walk to gym, yoga class, walk home
- quality time with niece + sister
- hike in Oakland wilderness (see above image) with new friend + pup
- date with my love (walk to/from dinner at a local brewpub)
- pass out at 9pm

- church
- cleaning frenzy (looooove this - no, really)
- time with friends
- new laptop shopping
- delicious, healthy dinner at Herbivore (no, I'm not vegan)

I'm going to go ahead and say I won.  It definitely helped me ease into my week.  Four more weekends in March to go... hopefully I can keep up with this trend.

What are your tricks for making sure you maximize weekend time?

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