Thursday, April 25, 2013


I am realizing more and more lately that the details are really what set something apart and make it special.

Be it a room, an outfit, an experience... the big picture is important (obviously), but the details can transform the mundane to the memorable.

I feel like, in general, I'm pretty good at the big picture.  I go through my wardrobe on a regular basis and I've been better about finding mix-and-match basics to build a more usable closet.  My apartment has all the necessary things and, in general, I love them all.

But the details are lacking.

I'm working on it, though.  Bit by bit... I'm working on finding the right details AND then finding ways to incorporate them.

That may sound stupid, but it's really easy for me to pick out, say, a cute necklace I love.

It's really hard for me, since I rarely do it, to incorporate said necklace into an outfit.

So I'm going to embark upon a "series", if you will, of details that I find and then incorporate into my home, wardrobe, and life.

Here's my first find:

Yes, I'm totally cheating.  It isn't difficult to incorporate curtains into a room.

But my bedroom could use some sprucing up and this isn't the only detail I plan on incorporating.  It may take me a little while (at $50 each, which I know is a steal, but I need four and I don't scoff at $200), but these little fellas are going to work their way into my home.

I have some other ideas, some projects started, and some serious cleaning/purging to do... but I'll get there.


p.s. Please tell me I'm not the only person who didn't know Jonathan Adler had a line at JCPenney.  Snag the drapes (or browse the entire collection) for yourself here.

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