Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I saw this quote here (one of my favorite blogs, for the record) from an interview Iris Apfel did with Harper's Bazaar and it really struck a chord with me.

First of all, major kudos to the ninety-one-year-old for calling it like she sees it.  Goodness knows she is a fashion icon who knows her stuff.  I am definitely no fashionista, know very little about designers, and even I recognize her.

Second of all, though, I definitely fall prey to the idea of "taking dressing way too seriously".  If I had a dollar, heck even a quarter, for every tear I've shed over having nothing to wear or looking fat, ugly, you-name-it-I've-said-it... I'd be swimming in cash like Scrooge McDuck.

That is totally embarrassing to admit, but all too true.

I, for one, do not want to look any older than I have to (I'm talking to you mini forehead wrinkles).

So I hereby declare that I will no longer place an inordinate amount of pressure on myself to dress perfectly.  I will just put on what I feel like and strut my stuff.

After all, it's perfectly fine to make fashion mistakes.  Like Ms. Apfel says,

Why not?  The fashion police are not going
to pull you over and put you in jail!
Sometimes it's good because your friends see you
the day after and say, 'Oh, you look so much better!'


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